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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Make A Few Changes To Your Lifestyle To Reduce Your Weight

When you are planning to lose your excess weight, you should understand that without improving your metabolism, you can not achieve full-fledged success for your efforts. The simple arithmetic is that when you consume more calories than you require, your weight increases and if you spend more calories than what you consume, you lose weight. So, you should take all possible steps to boost your metabolism.

- The most effective way to boost your metabolism is to split your large meals and eat only smaller meals several times a day. By adopting this strategy, even if you consume more calories than what you eat through your large meals, you will be able to spend all the calories of these smaller meals. This is because you are improving your metabolism by eating like this.

- The second idea is to assess your physical activities and consume your calories accordingly.

- You should never skip your breakfast. Some people have a wrong notion that by skipping their breakfast, they are reducing their intake of calories and this will help them reduce their weight. But, the fact is that they will consume more calories during their next meal. Further, by skipping breakfast, their energy level will be at its lowest ebb throughout the day and therefore, their performance will be much below par. Their efficiency will also come down. Likewise, skipping meals should also be avoided. This will also make you overeat during your next meal.

- Researchers have found that dieting without doing regular exercises will impact your metabolism adversely. The British Journal of Nutrition has brought out a report that states that restricted diet will affect your metabolism and reduce it up to 20%. By crash dieting, you will be losing not only your fat but your muscle also. It is a known fact that muscles have more capabilities to burn calories than fat. This is because muscles need more calories to maintain themselves. So, when you lose your muscles, you lose your capacity to burn calories also. Thus, your efforts to reduce weight will not bear fruits if you restrict your food intake. Instead, you should switch to a diet routine that consists of more frequent and smaller meals of healthy and nutritious food.

- Your exercises regimen should consist of both cardiovascular and strength-training exercises. Cardiovascular exercises will help you to reduce your fat. But, unfortunately, you will lose your muscles also. As said earlier, you need muscles to burn your calories round the clock. So, you are advised to do strength-training exercises also for having a good muscle mass. This will help you to reduce your weight.

- In addition to the above steps, you can make subtle changes to your lifestyle. Instead of using lifts and elevators, you can take the steps to climb up and down the floors. If you are involved in a desk job, you can adopt the 20-20-20 rule according to which you should get up once every twenty minutes to walk twenty steps and so on. Further, you can have a walk in the nearby garden or park during lunch hours, avoid using your vehicle to visit the nearby shopping malls, park your vehicle a few blocks away and walk to the office and so on. In other words, you must have as much physical activity as possible if you want to lose your weight.