Friday, July 27, 2012

How To Burn The Fat Of Your Body And Lead A Healthy Life

There can not be anyone who does not want to be healthy. But, if you are fat, you can not consider yourself healthy though you may not at present have any problems with your health. There are many ailments that can be caused if one is fat. Diabetes, heart ailments, blood pressure, etc. are major ailments that may be caused if a person is fat. So, it is necessary that you should burn your fat if you want to be healthy.

For burning your fat, you should mainly focus on two things. Firstly, you should know what to eat and how to eat. The second point is you must know how you should burn your calories. If you eat wrong foods in the wrong manner, you are certain to get fat. Likewise, if you do not burn your calories also, you will become fat.

But, this makes some people take the drastic step of crash-dieting or cutting down on their foods. This can be highly detrimental to their health. If you also have such a wrong notion, you should change your eating pattern and make a switch in your diets also, instead of taking these drastic steps. If you are eating 3 large meals, you should change this eating pattern. Your system can not burn completely the calories available in large meals. So, the calories that remain unused accumulate as fats. But, if you eat smaller meals, your system will be able to burn the entire calories. So, you should be taking 6 smaller meals instead of 3 larger meals. This eating pattern will improve your metabolism. There should be a change in your diets also. You should stop eating processed foods, fat and sugary items, etc. and instead, choose items that can burn the fat of your body. These are called fiber diets. Green vegetables, fresh fruits, wholesome grains, beans, nuts, etc. are fat burning fiber foods. You should eat more of them.

You should have a lot of physical activity for burning your calories. If you are not able to devote time for exercises, you can make small changes in your routine. Instead of using lifts and elevators, you can use steps for climbing up and down the stairs. If your job requires that you should keep sitting for longer hours in the same place, you should get up once in 20 minutes and have a stroll. You can walk back from your workplace to home in the evenings. In a nutshell, you should use every opportunity to engage in some physical activity or the other. By doing so, you can burn your calories. If it is possible for you to devote time for doing exercises, you can do it but you should do your exercises on a consistent basis.

By making these changes in your diets and physical activities, you can burn the fat of your body and lead a healthy life.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Have A Healthy Heart And Live Long

According to a study, heart disease is the number one killer-disease of both and men. Especially, heart ailments affect people from developed countries more than those who live in other countries. This means that it is the lifestyle of the people of these developed countries that contributes heavily for this affliction.
A lot of research has been taking place in the recent years to find out the causes as well as the preventive measures that people can take to protect themselves from this dreadful disease. If you want to have a healthy heart and safeguard yourself from heart ailments, you should take the following few steps. These are mainly lifestyle changes and if you make these changes, they will go a long way in keeping you protected from heart ailments.
- You should first make drastic changes in your dietary habits. If you are fond of oily and spicy items and processed and junk foods, you must stop eating these foods forthwith. Instead, you should develop the habit of eating a lot of fiber foods and wholesome grains. The wrong foods you have been consuming all these days may have increased your BMI or Body Mass Index. You should ensure to maintain your BMI below 30. For calculating your BMI, you should divide your weight in Kilograms by the square of your height in meters. If your BMI is above 34, you are considered obese and it may damage your heart quite seriously. If you lead a lazy and sedentary lifestyle, it is all the more dangerous.
- The second factor that may contribute to your proneness to heart ailments is lack of exercises. Though weight training exercises may help you in building muscles and having a good physique, you should do cardiovascular exercises also to keep your heart healthy. But, cardiovascular exercises may nullify the muscle-building effects of weight training exercises. So, you should do both types of exercises in the right proportion to get the best of both worlds. If you are above 45 or 50, you should consult your doctor before doing rigorous weight training exercises. It is better you focus on cardiovascular exercises like brisk walking, light jogging, etc. if you are above 45.
- It is a strict "no" to smoking if you want to keep your heart healthy. Your heart ages faster if you are a smoker. Apart from causing heart ailments, smoking may cause many other diseases such as cancer, lung problems and so on.
- You should closely be monitoring your cholesterol levels. Your Low Density Lipoprotein should be low and your High Density Lipoprotein should be high. In addition to these two factors, you should maintain the levels of Triglycerides also low. If you keep them at the right levels, you need not fear about heart diseases at all.
- High blood pressure can be very dangerous and it may cause heart attacks. So, those who have this problem should take the right treatment and keep their blood pressure at the right levels.
- Stress management is very much necessary for preventing heart ailments. In the present-day world, a number of factors cause stress in our lives. Though you can not control the external circumstances, you can control their effects on you. By learning to manage your stress, you can prevent their bad effects on your heart. You can learn meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, etc. to manage your stress levels.
- High blood sugar can also cause heart ailments. Since high blood sugar leads to problems in the body metabolism, it increases the susceptibility to heart diseases. So, if you are diabetic, you should take suitable medications to keep the blood sugar at the right levels. You should make it a point to be active and this will help in lowering the sugar levels in the blood. The best way is to go for long walks every day because walking can effectively bring down the blood sugar levels.
If you follow these steps religiously, you can certainly succeed in having a healthy heart.