Sunday, November 4, 2012

There Is More To Martial Arts Than Just Fighting

Many people have a wrong notion that if they teach martial arts to their kids, the kids may become aggressive or even violent. This is far from true. It is true that development of martial arts has been based on the fact that it is a combat weapon that may mainly be useful for the purpose of self-defense. But, you can derive a lot of health benefits also from them. You should make it a point to choose the right teacher. Especially, if you want your kid to learn martial arts, you should do your research carefully and choose the right teacher. Otherwise, the kid may become aggressive. But, the right teacher can transform a violent kid also into a calm child.

The fact of the matter is that martial arts do not encourage violence. This art of fighting alone teaches the students to empathize with the pains of the opponents.

If you want your kid to learn some kind of martial arts, you should begin the coaching only after the child attains the age of six. This is because only then, the child may have developed the neuro-muscular coordination. They can execute the required control only from this age. Cognitive ability will also be there only from this age and so, the kids can easily understand the instructions of the teacher.

In fact, all the combat forms are called martial arts. You have many varieties like Karate, Kung Fu, Judo and so on. You also have the Korean martial art form called Tae Kwan Do. The modern varieties like kick-boxing and the age-old Kalari Payittu of India are also there. So, you should choose the right form of martial art for your kid to learn. But, almost all these arts have become highly competition-oriented.

If you choose the right instructor, the teacher will coach your kids not only the competition-oriented techniques but self-defense techniques also. A right instructor will ensure to stick to the original form of the martial art. The instructor will teach the principles of the art first and then only, he will go to the techniques.

While choosing the instructor, you should check if the school and the instructors are recognized by the international forums or federations.

Since these arts are taught in a group, your kids will learn social skills also. At the same time, since they are mostly competition-oriented, kids will learn to exhibit their individual skills also. But, you should instill in the minds of your kids that learning is more important than winning in competitions.

Another great benefit is that your kids will learn to face crisis situations they may face in life. Their reflexes will also become sharp, their self-discipline may improve and their self-confidence may increase a lot.